Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rundown Of The Unfair Media Coverage Of Hillary

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TPM has a entire rundown of the unfair media coverage during the primary. Read The Entire List Here (

-- Reporters and pundits offered wall-to-wall coverage of the most trivial of emotions on Hillary's part -- her laugh, and her tears -- and repeatedly seized on such moments to assert that her emotions were entirely staged in order to manipulate voters into believing that Hillary is a human being.

There's no polite way to put this: The coverage of Hillary's "cackle" was simply sick to its core. Even Howard Kurtz acknowledged that reporters and analysts were lavishing attention to it because "examining her personality quirks is more fun than deconstructing her stance on Iraq."

Meanwhile, some of you will argue that coverage of her tears helped her in the run-up to New Hampshire. That's very possible. Nonetheless, it fed the "Hillary is a phony" narrative, and it just doesn't change the fact that the reporting and punditry on her laugh and her tears was over-the-top by any reasonable standard and at times bordered on the pathological.

-- In addition to the deconstruction of the laugh and the tears, on-air pundits also obsessed endlessly about Hillary's grating voice. What's more, some asserted that the Hillary campaign had not used her voice in an ad because of internal campaign recognition that people don't like her voice, even though they had absolutely no evidence or knowledge of this whatsoever.

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