Monday, July 14, 2008

Three reasons why Obama's FISA capitulation is DISASTROUS

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By dailykoff

1. FISA itself, even before the Telco immunity or the sweeping expansion of executive powers, is an end run around the 4th amendment. It violates our right to freedom from unwarranted searches, seizures, and surveillance, it's unconstitutional, and it should simply be allowed to expire.

2. It signals that Obama is corruptible, i.e., willing to play ball with the neo-fascists in return for the prospect of illicit power. I can only imagine the pitch made by Hoyer and crew but I'm guessing it went something like this: "Barack, you're going to find this power extremely useful once you're in office, and you'd be a fool to turn it down just for the sake of principle. Principles are for paupers."

3. It's electorally disastrous. It wins no votes with any voting sector I'm aware of and it makes Obama into a flipflopper on the one issue that distinguishes him from McCain, national security. Now he loses the "better judgment" argument and instead has to admit that (a) he was wrong and (b) the threat of terrorism is important enough to sacrifice our Constitutionally guaranteed liberties.

If this was Obama's temptation in the desert he badly failed the test. Not good for winning in November folks.

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