Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unity Without Impunity

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By PaganPower

Despite all the talk of unity things aren’t all that unified across the country. A new phenomenon is occurring. Politicians that backed Hillary Clinton are now facing challenges by those who want to punish the people that supported her. Even John Lewis who changed his endorsement to Obama under duress is not immune.

A New Campaign Charge: You Supported Clinton

In Georgia, Representative John Lewis, a prominent civil rights leader, is facing primary challenges from two black candidates who have been critical of him for backing Mrs. Clinton for months before shifting to Mr. Obama. To underscore the point, one of the challengers set up his headquarters in the same building that served as Mr. Obama’s office for the primary.

So when Jesse Jackson Jr. threatened to find someone to run against him if he didn’t endorse Obama what he really meant was that he was going to find someone to run against him because he took too long to endorse Obama. Typical thuggish behavior. These folks are into command and control. Big time.

Another New Yorker, Representative Gregory W. Meeks of Queens, faces a primary opponent who has sought to make an issue of Mr. Meeks’s support of the Clinton campaign in a district, New York’s 6th, where Mr. Obama drew nearly 56 percent of the vote.

The man seeking Mr. Meeks’s seat is Ruben Wills, 36, a former chief of staff for State Senator Shirley L. Huntley and an organizer for Mr. Obama in southeast Queens. “I was on board with Obama from Day 1,” Mr. Wills said. “Meeks had to be dragged across the line.”

Some take their thuggery to new heights. Or perhaps lows would be a more correct description. And they are concentrating that hate on one particular Congressman, Edolphus Towns of Brooklyn. They claim that black people supported Hillary because they were ashamed of being black.

To her, the reason black leaders like Mr. Towns stuck with Mrs. Clinton was obvious. “Racial self-hatred,” said Ms. Queen, who is black. “It was as if they were saying: ‘We people of color are not ready yet. We’re not ready to be in the White House.’ Self-hatred does that to you.”

For his part, Towns made his decision to support Hillary based upon normal rational thinking and a little something called loyalty. A moral quality that these Obama thugs care nothing about. They would have to have morals to appreciate it.

“I serve in the Congressional Black Caucus, and he is a member,” he said. “But Hillary Clinton represents New York State, and I’ve worked together with her on many projects.”

So where will this lead? I cannot begin to guess. Because every single day something new surfaces about these thugs and their Chicago style of politics. But one thing is for certain. They will find more creative ways to intimidate people that do not share their views. Because that is just the way they roll.

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