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Yahoo Bias? Obama: 81 McCain: 35

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By OHBlue

I often see Dems shun the idea that there is any media bias, so for fun I did my own little flawed "research." Yahoo is my start-up page, so I tallied every article I saw on McCain and Obama since May 12. Obama had 81 articles w/ him in the title; McCain had 35.

My favorite? "After Obama, fist bump catching on as new trend in U.S."

Is Yahoo biased? Decide for yourself:

Obama emphasizes his patriotism, criticizes McCain on GI bill
Obama in West Virginia with eye on McCain
Obama welcomes Edwards endorsement, even if it is tardy
Obama says Bush falsely accuses him of appeasing dictators
Steelworkers endorsement boosts Obama with blue-collar voters
Edwards endorsement pays off in superdelegates for Obama
McCain believes Iraq war can be won by 2013
Obama says Bush falsely accused him of appeasement
Obama criticizes McCain for remarks about appeasing terrorists
McCain camp rejects accusation of hypocrisy on Hamas
Obama criticizes McCain for 'naive' foreign policy
Obama to seek symbolic end of campaign in Iowa
Obama intensifies criticism of McCain before next primaries
Obama seeks focus on end of primary campaign
Huckabee says he would like to be McCain's No. 2
Top McCain official resigns over ties to lobbyists
Obama develops McCain strategy before nomination
Obama to Tennessee GOP: 'Lay off my wife'
McCain vows to fight agricultural tariffs and farm subsidies
Obama will not declare victory Tuesday night to avoid antagonism
Clinton to Obama: There is no nominee yet
Former Clinton aide, Obama strategist in talks
Analysis: Lobbyist flap conflicts with McCain's reformer image
Obama blasts McCain on lobbyist ties
Obama expected to win delegate majority in today's primaries
McCain hammering Obama on national security issues
Obama to reach delegate milestone today
Sen. Obama addresses supporters in Iowa
McCain strategist keeps Obama vow, leaving campaign
Clinton, Obama to head to Florida to mend fences with voters
Obama leads McCain in fundraising, reporting more than $37M
McCain 'flip-flopped' on Cuba policy, Obama says
Obama quietly planning general election team, officials say
Poll: Obama leads McCain
McCain to meet possible VP running mates
Clinton, Obama chart different end games for historic race
Officials: Obama has started top-secret search for running mate
Obama has started running-mate search, officials say
McCain faces own pastor problem with anti-Muslim evangelist
Polls: McCain leads Obama in key battleground states
Cindy McCain finally reveals 2006 tax returns
Pastor says parting with McCain best for both
Analysis: Obama's political team out-organized Clinton
Obama empathizes with Clinton over RFK remark
How Obama's team did it
Obama, Clinton give Puerto Rico its moment in the sun
Obama urges Wesleyan graduates to enter public service
Obama and McCain reach out to veterans in New Mexico
McCain defends his opposition to financial aid for veterans
McCain 'sick at heart' over mistakes in Iraq war
Obama says he will fight McCain for Western states
Obama fine-tunes stance on talking to U.S. adversaries
Obama mistaken on name of Nazi death camp
Did Oprah's endorsement of Obama cost her viewers?
McCain criticizes Obama on Iraq, repeats trip invite
McCain struggles to build up core campaign team
Could Oprah's support of Obama hurt her business?
Obama distances himself from clergyman who mocked Clinton
Obama distances himself from another clergyman
McCain trusted more than Obama on economy, survey finds
Obama's shrewd tactic
Puerto Rico moves Obama closer to nomination
McCain adapts style to demands of national campaign
Obama angles for showcase win in Montana
Obama, McCain bicker over troop levels in Iraq
Puerto Rico helps Obama too
Clinton wins Puerto Rico primary but Obama still gains delegates
Obama say he will meet Clinton after race ends
Obama works to get enough superdelegates to clinch nomination
Obama effectively clinches nomination, AP tally shows
Former president Carter says he will endorse Obama
McCain welcomes Obama to fall campaign with fresh criticism
Obama takes first step towards choosing VP running mate
McCain launches general election bid with eye on oil policies
Obama makes history
Analysis: Obama, McCain candidacies offer a study in contrasts
Jesse Jackson hails historic Obama victory
McCain, Obama plunge into 5-month general election
What's next for Obama
Obama speaks with Clinton, says party can be united
Obama appoints team to help find running mate
McCain challenges Obama to joint town halls
Obama: Iraq war makes U.S., Israel less secure
McCain reaches out to disgruntled Clinton supporters
Obama names Caroline Kennedy to help pick VP
Obama toughens Iran stance, backs Israel on Jerusalem
McCain challenges Obama to join him in 10 town hall meetings
How should Obama handle the Clinton 'situation'?
Obama campaign open to helping Clinton pay off $20 million debt
Obamas' playful fist-bump
Obama, Clinton reportedly hold private meeting
Obama campaign open to helping Clinton pay off $20 million debt
Michelle and Barack Obama bring fist bump into spotlight
Young voters see Obama's race an asset for a candidate
Obama says he'll be president for Chicago 2016 Olympics
Clinton lays plans for Obama endorsement
After Obama, fist bump catching on as new trend in U.S.
McCain deploys staff to battleground states

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