Friday, August 8, 2008

Hillary Held Hostage

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It is both amusing and nauseating to read Hillary Haters and/or Big Media commenting on what Hillary supporters think/feel. The speculations about what we Hillary Supporters think/feel are so off the mark we typically ignore them.

Perhaps those speculations are merely wishful thinking disguised as analysis so herewith we will correct some impressions about our impressions.

* * *

Note to the Obama campaign and the Ve Vill Haf Unity contingent: you do not understand Hillary Clinton supporters, at all.

At any event with Hillary we notice what a classy lady Hillary is. We take note of her inner and outer strengths. We know her history as a real uniter, forging coalitions with those who hate her in order to make policy changes that will benefit the American people.

We have been amazed in the past as she forged alliances with Hillary and Bill Clinton haters (even former impeachment Republicans). We were amazed this past year as Hillary Hater extraordinaire Richard Mellon Scaife endorsed Hillary in the Pennsylvania primary after Scaife stopped the hating and started listening to Hillary.

We know Hillary Clinton is not weak and does what she thinks is best. At times her reasons are kept private, at times she does her duty. Hillary Clinton is an extraordinary person whom we respect.

Yesterday, we read about this event hosted by EMILY’s List:

Join Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Special Guest Michelle Obama for a gala reception at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

It is easy to understand that Hillary would help raise money for EMILY’s List because the organization endorsed Hillary for President.

But understand this Hillary Haters (and that includes you Barack and Michelle): these “Unity” events do not have the effect you imagine they cause.

Watching Hillary with Barack or Michelle or FISA Pelosi, or Brazile merely makes us loathe Barack, Michelle, FISA Pelosi and Brazile even more.

When we see Hillary Clinton with Dean/Obama/Brazile/Pelosi it does not inspire unity. It inspires revulsion. We feel we are watching a hostage event.

We do not like to see hostages paraded around by the Taliban or Al Queda or terrorists of any kind. We don’t like to see videos of John McCain used for propaganda purposes by his North Vietnamese captors. We don’t like to see anyone who is captured in any conflict or war paraded about and parroting what the captors want to hear.

We discount statements made by captives while they are captive. We don’t like hostage events.

Dean/Obama/Brazile/Pelosi and other Obama cultists must understand that we do not see unity - we see captivity. We see a glorious bird held in a cage, temporarily.

* * *

Obama with Big Media as his campaign volunteers and all the advantages possible in what is supposed to be a very huge Democratic victory year continues to no more than tie John McCain in the polls. Meanwhile the Democratic Party leadership persists in an attempted suicide by selecting Obama.

Hillary Clinton supporters are trying to stop the Democratic Party suicide. But we are dealing with obstinate, willful fools. The leadership of the Democratic Party continues to oppose the Democratic grassroots.

Fearful of a surging McCain campaign and of an increasingly resistant Democratic grassroots, Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi want, like Eastern bloc dictators, to prevent any possibility of Democracy at the Democratic? National Convention. They are propagandizing in Big Media outlets that it is Hillary that does not want a roll call vote at the Democratic? National Convention. But we know better (video from July 31, 2008):

Hillary, for Democratic reasons, wants a roll call vote at the convention. Hillary also says “I hope everybody knows I don’t have a lot of control over this”.

Why is it that Democrats have to be forced to hold votes? At every turn during the primary campaign the call from Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi has been to shut down voting. Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi want to block a convention vote and they are putting words in Hillary’s mouth or trying to force their captive to agree to shut down Democracy and not vote.

We demand a roll call vote.

Free Hillary! from her captors.

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