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John Kerry Proves That the DNC Can’t Pick a Winner

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By Ani

If more evidence is needed that the DNC is expert at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, look no further than the junior Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry; otherwise known as ‘Lurch.’

Instances of the DNC’s poor judgment keep piling up so it’s hard to keep it all straight, but four years ago, this elitist boob was our Presidential nominee. He was destined to join the ranks of Dukakis, Mondale, McGovern and yes, even the incredibly smart Al Gore must be counted here. It seems they don’t know how to run a campaign without their noses in the air, so superior and so much smarter than the other guy. The ‘Captain of the debating team’ strategy doesn’t seem to work out so well for the Dems.

I think Hillary is an exception to the debate rule because she can string three sentences together without coming across as a snob.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons the DNC elite can’t stand her. Too middle class. Too plain spoken. Too good at throwin’ back the occasional bourbon shot with us regular folk. Heaven forefend we pick someone who actually understands the reality of having to live on Social Security or the need for having affordable health care. Does she have a top notch education? Yes. She’s a millionaire, you say? True. But that wealth was acquired relatively late. She knows what it is to work for a living. She spent seven years working for the Children’s Defense Fund right out of school, and throughout her life has worked for veterans, first responders, women, health care and education.

She was accused of many things, but no one ever said she looked down her nose at anyone. Right, Barack? Come to think of it, maybe that’s why they chose him – he can’t debate either! He’s just a snob. Finally! I have unearthed the DNC’s strategy for victory! Get someone who can eerrr uuuhh aaaaah his way into office.

But let’s get back to Kerry, the feller who hand-picked Obama to give that Convention speech back in 2004…

Remember when Bush Sr. was running for re-election in ’92 and got labeled as out-of-touch because he didn’t know what a bar code was? Kerry recently had a ‘barcode’ moment of his own. A young woman made a moving appeal to Senator Kerry to obtain fuel assistance benefits for a senior citizen in need of a new boiler. The elderly lady apparently supplements her Social Security with a part time job. She was told that because she earned $30 too much a week, she was not eligible – ergo, no money for heat.

Senator Kerry’s idea was “why doesn’t she cut back a couple of hours?”

Well, no, John, because a) she needs the money, b) that’s like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and c) when you’re fortunate enough to get a part time job, you don’t generally tell your employer when you feel like showing up. But I guess if you’re a U.S. Senator and married to the Heinz fortune, you don’t worry about such piddling details.

Kerry has likewise shown himself to be a turncoat dunce on many occasions. First, he endorsed Obama over Clinton. Never mind Hillary, he endorsed Obama over Edwards, his former running mate, without so much as a “Dear John” letter.

Senators Kennedy, Kerry and Governor Duval Patrick made a grand showing of trumpeting Obama before the Massachusetts primary. Odd that Hillary still trounced him to the tune of 15 points.

This was the most telling primary of all 50 states (yes, 50, not 57) since David Axelrod was also Patrick’s campaign manager. The people of Massachusetts had already experienced Obama 1.0 in the person of Patrick, and he’s not doing so well, so they decided not to sip the hopey-changey koolaid a second time.

Kerry stated Hillary Clinton’s health care plan was ‘a non-starter.’ Uh, it’s the only health care plan that would actually cover everyone. ‘Dead on arrival’: those were his words. Didn’t Chairman Dean say universal health care is a moral imperative? Not so much, I guess.

Then Kerry gave the New Bedford Standard Times an interview basically saying that we needed to elect Barack because he is African American and would build a bridge between us and the Muslim community. That’s like saying if my mother had family in Austria, she could have talked Hitler out of invading Poland. And dare I say it, John, wanting to elect someone because of their skin color is…racist.

In July, Kerry allowed his new good buddy Barack and his clueless campaign people to ‘diss’ and dismiss none other than one of the heroes of the Democratic party: Max Cleland. But I thought he was John’s good friend?

Kerry was furious that Cleland was swift-boated in 2002 by the Republicans. That negative campaign cost Cleland his Senate seat. Oddly enough, Kerry had nothing to say when Barack ‘uninvited’ Cleland from a campaign event because he was labeled a ‘lobbyist’ and Obama has ‘nothing to do with lobbyists.’ M’kay.

Cleland occasionally works on behalf of Tissue Regeneration Technologies, a company that helps injured vets recover faster. Fitting that Max would do this since he lost three limbs fighting for his country in Viet Nam and sits in a wheel chair. And they asked him not to attend a campaign event for Obama? Why? Because they were ‘afraid they would be criticized’ for having someone in attendance with ‘lobbying ties.’ How courageous.

Way to win the military vote, Barack.

Do you have any idea how many vets out there are still angry with Kerry for his protests back in ’71??? I remember this clearly because I spent many hours campaigning for him in ’04 – not because I thought he was great, but because we needed to get Bush out. Many people I spoke to with military backgrounds acted like Kerry’s protests happened yesterday. These wounds don’t heal easily.

Not everyone lives in the disposable society that Senator Obama’s campaign seems to encourage with its’ every condescending or insensitive comment or action. Something I would have thought Senator Kerry learned the hard way, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in 2004 running against arguably the worst president in history.

Here’s how many words of support for Max or rebuke for Barack were uttered from John Kerry’s lips: zero. Max Cleland, another dutiful Democrat, God bless him, remained silent. That silence spoke volumes.

Kerry’s latest lead-footed behavior was in evidence last Sunday on Meet The Press, when John decided to show what a good Obamabot he is by bringing up a subject I thought had worn itself out in the news cycle: throwing General Wesley Clark under the bus. He roundly criticized Clark for his appearance on Face the Nation where, aiming to board the unity pony, Clark made this unfortunate statement regarding McCain: “being shot down in a plane does not qualify you to be President.” It was a poor choice of words, even if true.

But there was no reason for Kerry to bring this up — again. The ‘courageous’ Obama had already thrown Clark under the bus weeks before. Did Kerry forget how hard Wes campaigned for him in 2004 after losing his own Presidential bid? Believe me, Clark would have made a far better President than Kerry, and is far less mind-numbing to listen to. While I may be furious Clark would speak on behalf of the empty suit, Obama, in the first place, if anyone can make an argument against McCain, it’s Clark. Did Kerry forget that Clark took four bullets in a jungle and still led his troops to victory in Viet Nam and has 34 years of distinguished service in the military?

Kerry allowed himself to be swift boated by the Republicans with nary a whimper and now he’s pulling the same crap? To what end? Clark has worked tirelessly for down ticket Democrats for the last five years.

I also remember Kerry campaigning before the Latino community back in ’04. He wagged his finger, reminding them in very rudimentary Spanish that voting is “muy importante”. He sounded as though he were talking to three years olds. Talking down to the voters; sounds like someone else we know.

John Kerry managed to accomplish one thing with all the above actions. He’s made me ashamed that I ever canvassed for him or made a phone call on his behalf.

And after all the years he and the rest of these pompous fools chose to back Mr. Wrong, wouldn’t you think for once they’d cop a clue and back Ms. Right?

I don’t recognize this party any more. I can’t figure out their endgame except that the losers’ club of Kerry, Dodd, Dean, Richardson and the rest, unable to win the Presidency themselves, think they will grow their own power whispering into this neophyte’s ear.

Kerry has been a Senator for 24 years and is so cozy in his job that he won’t even grant a debate to his primary opponent. Hmmm. That sounds familiar. That’s right. Kerry has a Democratic challenger in the person of Ed O’Reilly. O’Reilly may actually have a shot. Certainly there are many in Massachusetts not pleased with Kerry at the moment. Perhaps O’Reilly, a real salt of the earth gentleman, by the way, has a chance to pull this off. I’ve sent some dough to help. The primary is September 16th.

I think it’s time to send a shock wave to Kerry and the DNC. They keep advocating for change. Maybe it’s time to change them.

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