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Hillary, Iron My Shirts. Gone Fishin’. xo, Barack

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By Ani

That queasy feeling is upon me. The reason why follows courtesy of CNN’s Political Ticker:

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton will campaign for Barack Obama on two dates in August, the Obama campaign announced Tuesday.

She will hold rallies and voter registration drives in the swing states of Nevada and Florida on August 8 and 21, respectively. Obama won’t attend Friday’s event since he is taking a planned vacation with his family — and it’s not yet clear whether he’ll be at the latter date, which falls just days before the Democratic convention in Denver.
Obama has said on several occasions that he hopes for both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s help campaigning to win in November.

“I am proud to call [Hillary] my friend, and I know that I desperately need her and Bill Clinton involved in this campaign,” Obama said in New York.

I think that is the first truth I have heard out of Senator Obama’s mouth in a while – he desperately needs Hill and Bill to campaign for him. Desperate is the correct word. Otherwise, I doubt we would hear anything of the kind from him.

I guess he saw his internal polling numbers and they don’t look so good.

Perhaps Barack shouldn’t have allowed his surrogates to dish the Clintons up a crap sandwich every day for six months, besmirching their character and smiling as his supporters booed her and called Senator Clinton and her voters every filthy name in the book. Something many of them still feel compelled to do. Unwise, n’est-ce pas?

And, by the way, Senator Obama still hasn’t bothered to call Bill to apologize for letting him be called a racist for six months either, has he?

Here’s my favorite blog comment to CNN’s article:

Obama takes a lot of vacations doesn’t he?

Hey, when the going gets tough, just take a vacation! President Bush likes those, too. Why, he’s chopped so many cedars in Texas, I’m surprised there are any left!

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that Senator Obama has time for another getaway? He and Senator McCain are in a dead heat in the polls. The DNC knows those are disastrous numbers for any Democrat at this time in the campaign. In this ‘no-lose’ year for the Democrats, shouldn’t he be twenty points ahead?

Why isn’t he? According to the oh-so-clever pundit class, it must be a bunch of us old, racist, bitter hags. But I thought there were only a few of us ‘deadenders’?

I mean the DNC felt fine about nominating the weaker candidate, thinking they could put Paris Hilton on the ticket and win in ’08! Oh, I forgot. That’s what they did!!

It’s so nice that Paris… I mean Barack, gets some time to put his feet up. But Hillary just can’t seem to catch a break. Wasn’t her trip cut short in June because she was needed back in the Senate for important votes? Something Barry can rarely be bothered with. He’s missed over 40% of them. See, the problem is – he can’t just vote “present” any more.

Perhaps Obama could come back a day early and squeeze in one of those town hall meetings with McCain he once said he’d be more than happy to do.

I am curious to know why Senator Clinton is supposed to campaign for him when he gets to take some more time off. She isn’t even the candidate. She still keeps a schedule that makes the man look pale. But like a dutiful mother cleaning up after an errant son home on college break, Hillary feels compelled to throw out the garbage, wash his shirts and vacuum his room.

I know it is the custom for the loser to campaign for the winner of the nomination. The problem is – Obama didn’t win. Since neither of them have enough pledged delegates to claim the nod, she was forced, with a figurative gun to her head, to concede in order to ‘protect the Party.’

And what a Party it is! The DNC stood idly by while Hillary was daily vilified in the press, simultaneously providing unprecedented political cover for a flip-flopping, dissembling novice. I have never seen any candidate receive the treatment and level of disrespect that Hillary did from a fellow candidate. Obama and his campaign manager, David Axelrod, used Rove-ian tactics, accusing her of the dirty tricks they themselves were playing.

And now Obama wants to seat all of the Florida and Michigan delegates — which would make them a hair’s breadth apart in pledged delegates. Possibly Senator Obama is doing this because he just noticed the latest numbers in Florida. Who is the presumptive nominee, again?

It is unconscionable that Senator Clinton should waste a moment of her time in this effort, although I understand her deep party loyalty. Perhaps she feels she needs to ‘go home with the guy what brung her.’ In this case, that guy left her naked by the side of the road to find her own way home.

Good Democrat that Hillary is, even if she asks me to vote for him, three things prevent me from obliging: Obama’s policies that shift with every new breeze, his gross inexperience and his condescending behavior.

I am reminded of the day he went out golfing when she was giving her concession/suspension speech. And he made sure everybody knew that’s what he was doing. I wonder if the ever-arrogant Il Duce is getting a perverse sense of satisfaction knowing that she is campaigning for him while he is off sipping a cold one.

Then again, maybe he really needs the time off. Maybe the schedule is too grueling and he can’t hack it. What the hell does he think he’s going to do if he gets to the White House? Oh yeah: Delegate.

First we had eight years of The Decider.

Now we have The Delegater.

Can’t wait.

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