Monday, August 4, 2008

Obama, McCain and the Race Card

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By SusanUnPC

I was just watching a clip of Obama claiming that the McCain campaign is using race because it is the sole tool the GOP candidate’s staff has to use against him.

Actually, it’s the reverse. Obama is exploiting the race card because it is all he has in his arsenal. He has no experience, no accomplishments, no special knowledge, no particular gifts aside from reading a teleprompter well. Especially compared to McCain and Clinton.

So he has to fall back on trying to “guilt-trip” people into voting for him.

It is indeed a sign of desperation that he is falling back on using guilt to try to get people to back him.

The problem with that, of course, is that sensible people will not only not fall for it, but they will be insulted.

Now, of course, there are a good number of non-sensible people who will fall for it. They desire to expiate their sense of guilt for being white.

But, thankfully, most people see through such a weak ploy, and realize that it’s all Obama has to counter McCain’s far greater experience, knowledge of foreign policy and the military, the ways of Washington, D.C., how Congress operates, and much more.

This is the ploy of a child. The ploy of a child who has run out of rational arguments for why he should be given a special privilege. The child, feeling desperate, pulls out the “guilt” card, selecting some slight or problem in the past relationship between the parent and the child. But the mature parent sees through this, and won’t allow himself or herself to be manipulated by guilt. It is an important lesson for the child to learn. It is a lesson that apparently Mr. Obama has never learned.

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