Monday, August 4, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to Nominate Hillary at the Convention

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by riverdaughter

10.) Now that she’s not going to be VP, it will keep the wimmin folk happy.

9.) She did kinda earn more votes than he did.

8,) NJ has hired Tony Soprano and his men to pay the RBC Committe members a social call and break Howard Dean’s knees for making the state pay millions on a primary that didn’t count.

7.) CA, NY, MA, FL, MI, PA, OH, TX, AZ, WV and KY are paying Tony’s travel expenses.

6.) She can speak sentences that have a begining, middle and an end.

5.) Those sentences make her sound more qualified than him.

4.) No fried foods in Denver?!?! (Someone tell Bill)

3.) It’s the principle of the thing.

2.) To show once and for all that Obama is not a chickenshit coward who is afraid he might lose to a girl.

1.) If the convention isn’t fair, open and transparent with an authentic nomination for Hillary and arguments for her, and yes, maybe even some disunity before the final vote, then the nominee will not be seen as legitimate — and we WALK!

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