Sunday, August 3, 2008

NOvember election is not a caucus to be gamed by NObama

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by drbala

When Hillary was winning the big-states that mattered, like OH, TX, PA, FL, etc., NObama was getting almost as many delegates as Hillary was. This was perplexing to me. Now I realize that the democratic party doesn’t follow the one-person one-vote policy in its primary.

Some highlights from that insightful article:

“NObama combined caucus concentration (winning all but American Samoa) with selective campaigning in congressional districts..”

“Another formula gave one-third weight to each of the above-mentioned formulas. Seventy-five percent of each state’s base delegates were to be elected at the congressional district level or smaller, and 25 percent were to be elected at-large.” — winning PA by 10 points can net 8 delegates!

“The Democratic Party today is a captive of its own rules. And it’s about as undemocratic as the Democratic Party can get.”

“To the primary winner goes the nomination, but there is no place in the general election for the Democrats’ undemocratic maneuvers. In U.S. national elections, One Person — One Vote still stands, with no exceptions.“

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