Monday, August 4, 2008

Super Delegates, It’s Not Too Late

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By Larry Johnson

Way back in 1988, with the country weary of 8 years of Ronald Reagan, the presumptive Democratic nominee–Michael Dukakis–was 17 points ahead of George H. W. Bush in the polls in August. We all know how that election turned out. The political conditions were ripe for a Democrat to win the White House but the party found a candidate capable of squandering every advantage.

Well, meet Barack “Barry Soetero” Obama. Unlike Michael Dukakis, Obama’s poll numbers against John McCain are headed south. Rasmussen’s latest poll shows that McCain has inched ahead of Obama–and this has happened without any serious Republican attack ads. Obama is doing a nose dive into concrete.

Without the votes of the Super Delegates Obama cannot get the nomination. If the Super Delegates refuse to exercise their judgment and stop the Obama debacle, then the Democrats are in for a tough November–at least on the Presidential front. There are major stories brewing that will derail Obama’s message and campaign. These include:

1. Barack Obama’s campaign has filed false, misleading financial reports with the FEC. We have the story but a mainstream journalist is working on it. We will break the story, probably next week, once it hits the press.

2. Barack’s refusal to release his health records will blow up. Why is a seemingly healthy 46 year old guy unwilling to release his medical records? I have asked this question of several political pros and they have told me that it is probably because the records contain embarrassing information. Such as? Is there an STD in his past? Drug use/treatment? Psychiatrist? We don’t know. But the Obama campaign is kidding itself if it thinks they will be able to stonewall on this question for the duration of a general election campaign.

3. Barack’s refusal to produce a legitimate, valid certificate of live birth. Techdude’s article posted last night at NoQuarter demonstrates conclusively that what is posted on the Obama campaign site and at Daily Kos is a fabrication that used the Certificate of Live Birth of a woman born in the 1970s. A likely candidate? Maya Soetero, Barack’s sister. If this is the case then the next question will be did she consent to allowing her COLB to be used in this manner.

4. Which brings us to the question of Barack’s name and nationality. He was adotped by his Indonesian step-father, Lolo Soetero. As a result of this adoption his birth certificate was amended and his name recorded as Barry Soetero. The failure of the campaign to come clean on this will be further fodder in the early days of the general election that will derail the Obama campaign’s effort to craft a clear message.

5. Barack’s meme as a humorless flip flopper with a God complex is set. The ads last week making fun of Barack’s celebrity and aura of deity are just the beginning of a flood of material that will turn Mr. Hope-and-Change into a national laughing stock.

Update: The McCain campaign has found Barack Obama’s Achilles heel, his humorlessness, and they are using humor to expose his weaknesses on policy, experience, and electability. This latest spoof of Obama’s comments asking people to properly inflate their tires to save on energy has gone “viral,” according to This spoof works because it is hilarious and also delivers a serious message.

6. Campaign contributions from foreigners, especially Palestinians. Check out the latest from Aaron Klein. Someone on the Republican side surely will go thru these contributions with a finetooth comb. Barack taking money from folks perceived as enemies of America is another story line that won’t help Mr. Obama win the votes of angry white folks clutching guns and bibles in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

So Super Delegates, it is up to you. Stop this trainwreck and save Barack from himself. If Barack is crowned then let’s be clear about who is to blame–the leaders of the Democratic party. Rather than serve the interests of America you have surrendered to the cult of personality and squandered any hope of putting a real Democrat in the White House.

Hillary, we’re still with you.

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