Sunday, August 10, 2008

How John Edwards Helped Destroy Hillary

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By Larry Johnson

If the story were known last December of John Edwards’ “egocentric and narcissistic” sexual “liaison,” as he calls it, with a woman he says he wasn’t in love, at a time when he says his wife was in remission from cancer (strangest rationalization for an affair ever recorded in human history), there can be little doubt that today the strongest, best qualified candidate, Hillary Clinton, would be the Democratic nominee.

Instead Edwards stayed in the race, harboring his secret life, knowing that it was likely to be exposed and that if he were somehow to emerge from the primary pack he would be humiliated and obliterated, just as he is now.

In the meantime, knowing full well that he was damaged goods, Edwards engaged in a ferocious negative campaign against Hillary–not Obama.

In effect, he was acting as Obama’s running mate. And Obama benefited enormously from having Edwards do some dirty work against Hillary.

Here’s Edwards’ record of negative attacks against Hillary below. For this, more than for his human failings, he deserves scorn. EDWARDS:12/04/07 Edwards said Hillary puts ‘the profits of Wall Street over the interests of Main Street.’ 
[Source: Edwards Statement]

11/29/07 HEADLINE: Edwards Hammers Clinton by Taking Aim at Lobbyists 
[Source: Wall Street Journal]

11/21/07 HEADLINE: Edwards gambles on attacking Clinton 
[Source: Raleigh News & Observer]

11/18/07 HEADLINE: Edwards goes atomic on Hil for dodging nuclear energy question 
[Source: Daily News]

11/18/07 HEADLINE: Edwards Criticizes Clinton over Iraq 
[Source: AP]

11/18/07 Edwards: ‘Senator Clinton was not for universal health care at the beginning of this year, at the beginning of the campaign.’ 
[Source: CNN Late Edition]

11/18/07 Edwards said Hillary wants to ‘protect politicians instead of talking about what we can do together.’
[Source: CNN Late Edition]

11/18/07 Edwards said Hillary was ‘walking away from [her] leadership role as a presidential candidate.
[Source: CNN Late Edition]

11/15/07 Edwards said Hillary ‘continues to defend a system that does not work, that is broken, that is rigged and is corrupt.’ 
[Source: Democratic Debate, CNN]

11/14/07 HEADLINE: Edwards criticizes Clinton at Dubuque labor event 
[Source: AP]

11/12/07 HEADLINE: Edwards criticizes Clinton for ‘double talk’ 
[Source: AP]

11/12/07 Edwards chief advisor Joe Trippi: ‘Let’s kick her ass.’ 

11/10/07 Edwards said ‘Sen. Clinton in many ways represents the status quo.’ 

11/06/07 Edwards accused Hillary of ‘double talk and evasions.’ 
[Source: CNN]

11/05/07 HEADLINE: Edwards Accuses Clinton of Two-Faced Foreign Policy 
[Source: Fox News]

11/04/07 Edwards said that Hillary ‘operates within a corrupt system and defends it.’ 
[Source: ABC News]

11/02/07 Edwards accuses Hillary of ’spin, smoke and mirrors — the same kind of double talk.’ 

10/31/07 Edwards said Hillary ‘is trying to have it both ways.’ 
[Source: AP]

10/30/07 Edwards: ‘If people want the status quo, Senator Clinton’s your candidate’: 
[Source: MSNBC Debate]

10/30/07 Edwards compares believing Hillary will be ‘the person who brings change’ to believing in ‘Santa Claus’ and ‘The Tooth Fairy.’ 
[Source: MSNBC Debate]

10/29/07 Edwards says Hillary was not in ‘tell the truth mode.’ 
[Source: Foster’s]

10/28/07 HEADLINE: Edwards accuses Clinton of failing to connect with voters 
[Source: AP]

10/25/07 HEADLINE: Edwards blasts Clinton, Romney on Iran 
[Source: AP]

10/23/07 Edwards advisor said that Hillary would have ‘toxic coattails.’ 
[Source: LA Times]

10/21/07 HEADLINE: Edwards attacks Clinton fundraiser 
[Source: United Press International]

10/19/07 HEADLINE: Edwards campaign slams Clinton push for rural vote 
[Source: Boston Globe]

10/19/07 Edwards Campaign manager says Hillary ’should explain why she does not mean what she says.’ 
[Source: Bonior Statement]

10/08/07 Edwards spokeswoman says Hillary is ‘defending a rigged system in Washington.’ 
[Source: Washington Post]

09/18/07 HEADLINE: Edwards hammers Clinton on health care 
[Source: Chicago Tribune]

09/18/07 HEADLINE: Edwards slams Clinton fundraising lunch 
[Source: AP]

09/08/07 HEADLINE: Edwards slams Clinton on health care
[Source: AP]

09/08/07 HEADLINE: Edwards Takes On Special Interests, Hits Clinton 
[Source: AP]

08/27/07 Edwards advisor says Edwards ‘has a better chance of being elected pope’ than Hillary elected president.
[Source: Washington Post]

08/24/07 HEADLINE: Edwards takes shots at Clinton ‘nostalgia’ 
[Source: Chicago Tribune]

08/23/07 HEADLINE: Edwards slams Clinton, ‘establishment elites’ 

08/07/07 Edwards said I am not “the candidate that big corporate America is betting on.”
[Source: AFL-CIO Forum]

07/24/07 Edwards said ‘we will not have big change through compromise or triangulation.’
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution]

06/07/07 Headline: ‘Edwards Assails Clinton’s Terror Remarks’
[Source: AP]

05/04/07 Edwards called Hillary’s proposal to deauthorize the Iraq war ‘just noise.’
[Source: Edwards statement]

02/05/07 Headline: ‘Edwards Steps Up Hill War’
[Source: New York Post]

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Dave said...

Elizabeth, thanks for the enabling your cheatin husband John Edwards to hid his sex scandal with baby from the citizen voters. It made it easy to steal Hillary's votes!!! Now, go buy some diapers.