Thursday, August 7, 2008

Obama’s Delusional Campaign: Seized by Demons in Their Heads

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By Larry Johnson

Obama’s campaign doesn’t need fundraisers or organizers. It needs a team of psychiatrists—and quick. Obama has decided it’s just fine to give the cold shoulder to Hillary Clinton and her 18 million voters—and to former President Bill Clinton—never calling them, or including them in development of strategy, and excluding the most capable political people who worked for them, while pretending this is “party unity.” As Groucho Marx cracked, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

What possible excuse can Obama invent to justify his continuing mistreatment of Hillary and his disrespect for the greatest president for African-Americans since Lyndon Johnson passed the civil rights and voting rights acts?

In case Obama has forgotten, under the Clinton administration, poverty was reduced 25 percent—one-quarter—with more than 7 million people moved from welfare to work—and 22 million new jobs created—and family incomes and real wages increased for the first time in a generation—and crime reduced by more than 25 percent.

Yes, that Bill Clinton, the one Obama smeared as a racist.

Yes, that Hillary Clinton, the one Obama smeared as racist, too, for stating the historical truth that Lyndon Johnson was essential in passing the civil rights acts and that we need a president on the side of civil rights to make them real.

And if it so happens that Obama is elected, he will be judged by those Clinton benchmarks—a president he dismissed as not producing change compared to…Ronald Reagan—who blocked progress for African-Americans.

Now what possible alibi can the Obama campaign offer for continuing to poke Hillary and those 18 million voters in the eye?

Chuck Todd, NBC’s political editor, explained today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. According to Big Tent Democratic, on, Todd has been talking to the geniuses of the Obama campaign. Here’s what they told him:

On Morning Joe, Chuck Todd said that the “feeling in Chicago,” presumably referring to the Obama campaign, is that Hillary Clinton is seeking treatment that she would never have given Barack Obama had the roles been reversed. If they REALLY believe that, then they are fools. If Hillary Clinton were the nominee, Barack Obama would have been the vice presidential nominee a month ago. I can not believe Todd is passing on this foolishness.

But Chuck Todd is not the problem. He’s just relating the unbalanced state of mind of Obama’s campaign.

Let’s follow their whacked out thinking. They fantasize that Hillary would cut them out and dump on them if she were the nominee. Therefore, it’s legitimate for them to cut her out and dump on her and her supporters. Make sense?

Had Chuck Todd consulted with any psychiatrist he would have learned that the Obama campaign suffers from what Freud identified as neurotic “projection.” Projection is a defense mechanism by which negative impulses, motives and actions are displaced onto others, especially on those serving as the objects of those negative feelings and attacks. Projection can be a fantasy rationalization and lead to full-blown paranoia. It is also obviously a form of denial.

Unless treated, the symptoms will worsen.

Obama’s campaign doesn’t have a theme song, except maybe for Ludacris’ foul-mouthed jingle calling Hillary a “bitch.”

Wouldn’t this one from Gnarls Barkley be an appropriate theme song for the Obama campaign?

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