Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sweeping us under the rug

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by katiebird

Chris Matthews’ pal, Gloria Boerger might have revealed the latest in the Obama and the DNC’s bizarre attempt at drawing in the Hillary Clinton voters.

View it here:

“Remember Hillary Clinton?” she chirps with a slight sneer when asked “for something I don’t know,” by Chris Matthews. And what does Chris not know? — That IF Hillary’s name is placed in nomination it will happen in the morning as far as possible from prime time and the bulk of American television viewers.

In a throwback to that famous fight between Donna Brazile & Paul Begala when Donna came as close as possible to throwing virtually the entire party under the bus, it seems that Obama and his lackeys want to pretend that he won the Democratic Nomination through unanimous acclimation. Hillary Clinton to be relegated to a spot opposite the Price is Right?

18 million Democrats spit on that idea!

Howard Dean claims that the responsibility for uniting the party after this hard-fought primary is totally on the shoulders of the loser. But, I don’t see how you can have unity unless both of the parties are moving toward each other. Hillary and her close advisers consistently support Obama’s campaign — they haven’t fumbled the Unity Message since Hillary suspended her campaign in early June. They’re certainly doing their bit.

Unity pretty much by definition has to be a joint effort but, the DNC and the Obama campaign are coy. Although no delegate-winning candidate in a contested primary season has ever been shut out of the convention before somehow this year — Hillary’s Year (our year) — it’s an agonizing decision requiring delicate negotiations. And it’s been impossible to get a straight answer to the question.

While P.U.M.A. asks that we have an Open Convention including:

Restore the Florida and Michigan delegations to full strength
Return the Uncommitted Delegation of Michigan
Restore Hillary’s four stolen Michigan delegates to her delegation
Hillary’s name entered in nomination at the Convention with her delegate votes counting with full weight
Obama’s campaign? (SNORT) this is their idea of an open convention:

Gloria, I don’t know how many times it has to be explained that P.U.M.A. isn’t All About Hillary. It’s about respecting the place that her voters have in the Democratic Party. Sure, we’d love it if she won the nomination at the Open Convention that we envision. But the Democratic Party is making a huge mistake if what you told Chris Matthews today is true. And an equally horrible mistake if the rumors about Obama picking Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for the Vice Presidential slot.

The DNC as led by Barack Obama and Howard Dean can try to sweep us under the rug. They can hide the winner of more Democratic votes and more Congressional Districts behind a phony roll-call vote scheduled against The Price is Right. But, they’re not going to fool Hillary’s 18 million voters.

Gloria and Chris — sneer all you want. We want our votes counted at the convention.

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