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That’s Not What I Said: Obama Flips On NASA

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By NancyA

For Immediate Release: From the John McCain Campaign.

ARLINGTON, VA — Today, in Florida, Barack Obama once again demonstrated that his words really don’t matter. When discussing NASA programs, Barack Obama said that “it’s still being reported” that he would delay the NASA Constellation Program to pay for his early education program. Unfortunately for Barack Obama, that is what he proposed and has been saying for months:

Here he is in Titusville, FL, home to many NASA workers and their families, making some very telling comments. Is he flipping again? You decide.

According to Obama’s own website, he did indeed propose delaying the NASA Constellation Program to help pay for his Early Childhood Education program. See his plan here.

McCain’s campaign had this to say to Obama:

WORDS MATTER: Barack Obama Said He Would Pay For His Early Education Program By Delaying The NASA Constellation Program…

Here is more on Obama’s education plan:

In November, Barack Obama Proposed Cutting NASA’s Budget To Fund His Education Programs. “To pay for his education program, Obama would eliminate tax-deductibility of CEO pay by corporations and delay NASA’s program to return to the moon and then journey to Mars.

In an editorial piece in The Houston Chronicle, they ask, “How Would Barack Obama’s Positions Affect Houston And Its Residents”? Here is what they said:

“Houston is home to the Johnson Space Center. Obama has said he wants to postpone NASA’s Constellation program for five years. Should that happen, the gap between the end of the shuttle program and flight testing of a new spacecraft would exceed 10 years — years with no U.S. ability to fly humans in space. Would Obama really force such a gap, deterring Americans from pursuing careers in space science and crippling the U.S. space program for a generation?”

And today in the Orlando Sentinel, Obama said this about the Constellation Program:

“I think the constellation project is a bold vision but we haven’t thought through all the steps to get there and what the funding sources are.”

Obama it seems has never been able to take a steady stance on NASA at all. He talks about NASA “cannibalizing” other programs to keep the “shuttle program” going. Well, Obama wants to “cannibalize” the next generation NASA program, thereby dumbing down space exploration.

Hillary always maintained a steady course, calling for expansion of NASA and other space programs.It earned her an endorsement from none other than, John Glen, former Senator and astronaut. Here is the announcement in The Columbus Dispatch.

If Hillary were our presumptive nominee, would we have to deal with these flip-flops. In a one word answer. No.

Obama, can you tell us where you really stand on NASA and the Constellation Program? In a one word answer. No.

Once again, Obama, is the “no man”.

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