Friday, August 8, 2008

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By PatRacimora

Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, and Donna Brazile are only a few of the Democratic leaders who need glasses or a wake-up pill or an old fashioned slap upside the head to see what is going on with a good portion of 18 million voters who supported Hillary Clinton.

If these people could see the picture, they would be busy trying to heal as many of the abuses the DNC (and sometimes the Obama campaign itself) has permitted, perpetrated, or tacitly encouraged through benign neglect over the last months. Instead, the discontented are discounted as Republicans (or at least not real Democrats), or sore-losing old women, or temporarily angst-ridden voters who will fall in line as soon as they “just get over it,” or racists. Barack Obama supporters are even praying for us poor souls to see the light. (That one really creeps me out.)

In truth there is no one PUMA entity (sometimes, but not always, standing for Party Unity My Ass), and agendas vary somewhat. But they all have a number of legitimate grievances. Here are some of mine against the DNC:

1. Disgust with the sexist media and no attempt by the DNC to call them on it when it really mattered.

2. Dealing initially with Michigan and Florida in punitive ways, only to ensure that they come out whole in the end—but after Obama became the presumptive nominee so Hillary did not get her due delegates.

3. Allowing candidates to donate to delegate campaigns, raising the likelihood that they can be bought.

4. Passively looking on while corruption and lack of representation plagued state caucuses.

5. Failing to vigorously argue all along that Hillary Clinton’s name must be placed in nomination in Denver, given the massive support she garnered.

6. Moving DNC operations to Obama’s Chicago before a nominee has even been selected.

Do you see others?

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