Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Associated Press Hides Barack Obama's Pro-Abortion Views in New Analysis

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The Associated Press ran a news story on Tuesday saying Barack Obama has captured enough delegates to become the Democratic presidential nominee. On the heels of the article AP trotted out a comparison piece contrasting Obama and eventual GOP nominee John McCain on top issues.

However, the Associated Press piece contains a glaring error. It fails to fully articulate the manner in which Obama has pressed the drumbeat for abortion.

Barack Obama began his presidential campaign in July 2007 spending time with his friends at Planned Parenthood, the nation's number one abortion business.

He promised the pro-abortion group the first thing he would do as president is sign into law a bill that not only makes the abortion-on-demand-throughout-pregnancy ruling of Roe v. Wade the national law of the land, but overturns every single pro-life limit ever enacted by any of the 50 state legislatures.

Obama has also promised to only nominate federal judges who will pledge to keep abortion legal throughout pregnancy for another 35 years.

Obama won't even go as far as some of the pro-abortion colleagues in Congress and support a bill to ban the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure that some have more accurately termed infanticide.

In fact, Obama twice opposed bills in the Illinois state legislature to stop the infanticide of newborn children who survived botched abortions.

Instead, Obama calls teenage pregnancy a "mistake" and wouldn't want his daughters "punished" by encouraging them to keep their baby should they become pregnant at a young age. He put the icing on the cake when he lumped a pro-life advocate in with terrorists.

These extreme positions were enough to earn Obama an endorsement from one of the top pro-abortion groups in the country, and now NARAL plans to spend millions of dollars and countless hours extolling his virtues.

Obama's views in favor of abortion are so out of the mainstream that one pro-life group says he will become the "abortion president" and even pro-life Democrats can't stomach him as the leader of the country.

Yet, in its analysis piece on Tuesday, all the Association Press managed to say about Obama is: "Favors abortion rights."

Sherry Tyree, the Vice President of the Women for Faith & Family, a national Catholic pro-life women's group, recently complained about AP's coverage of another topic but urged pro-life advocates to hold the international news service accountable.

"The AP -- like the rest of the press often accused of being in the pocket of the abortion industry -- needs to be held accountable. Let’s put their feet to the fire," she says.

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TruthBeTold said...

Obama is the chosen one by the media. They will cover all his flaws that would hurt his chances of election by the heartland. It is a conspiracy of sorts. It is just so obvious that people over look it. Freiman talks about this media phonomena in Current Events, Conservative Outcomes. He calls it the Wizard of Oz effect. A couple of rich wimpy guys sit behind the curtain of ABC, CBS and NBC and determine public opinion based on what they broadcast. The monkey wrench that they cannot control is the internet and talk radio. Freeeedoooommmm!!!