Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Virginian Pilot and the AP shill for Obama; Provide a Direct Link to the Obama Campaign.

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Pravda was a beacon of journalistic truth and technical prowess compared with the Virginian Pilot

...let’s show two stories in today’s Virginian Pilot, one on McCain and the other on Obama.

The first story is about a McCain proposal:

McCain urges end to ban on offshore drilling.

It turns out that, according the David Espo, the AP writer:

The current ban on offshore drilling covers an estimated 80 percent of U.S. coastal waters.

It would seem unexceptional that more oil would reduce the price of gasoline. Why would we be asking the Saudis to increase production if not to reduce gas prices? Or is it the position of the Democrats that more Saudi oil will reduce gas prices while more American oil will not reduce gas prices?

But Espo refers to the proposal as a "perennial cause for controversy" and quotes an Obama supporter

McCain's "plan to simply drill our way out of our energy crisis is the same misguided approach backed by President Bush that has failed our families for too long and only serves to benefit the big oil companies."

The story then veers off into a totaly unrelated direction:

McCain made his remarks before leaving the Washington area for a pair of fundraisers in Dallas.

Another fundraising event, originally set for the home of Clayton Williams in Midland, Texas was pulled from the schedule after news organizations pressed the McCain campaign about holding an event with the 1990 Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate who once joked that women should give in while being raped.

The same issue of the Virginian Pilot contains an article on Barack Obama.

Gore endorses Obama and promises to help him

The AP writer, Nedra Pickler, begings with a paean to Al Gore, virtually nominating him to sainthood:

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