Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bias Against Hillary Continues

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by Jaime Sneider

Not all the bias directed at Hillary Clinton stems from misogyny. There were plenty of liberal journalists who were simply willing to say anything in their quest to see Obama win the Democratic Party nomination. The comments perversely continue even now that she is out of the race. Just take this week's issue of New York Magazine in which Kurt Andersen likens Clinton's "psychopathology" to a terrorist's:

She long ago lost the nomination, but her reluctance to concede (not a month ago, not last Tuesday night, not until the weekend) has already sucked some general-election votes away from Obama, and I believe she will keep doing so, pro forma endorsement notwithstanding. The central premise of her campaign was that unless she became the nominee, McCain would win in November; therefore, her credibility depends on Obama’s losing. It’s like the psychopathology of the Sunni insurgents in Iraq: They have no chance of returning to power any time soon, but they can make life hell for their victorious sectarian opponents.

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