Friday, July 18, 2008

The Slant Against Hillary

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What was astonishing about last night's debate was that the very bias which the Clinton campaign has frequently complained about against her candidacy and in favor of Obama's campaign was once again plainly and unashamedly in evidence. It was embodied in the way Tim Russert, an angry scowl on his face, honed in on Hillary Clinton on the NAFTA issue -- and kept bullying her after every answer she gave. In contrast, he kept his fury in check when addressing Obama about the same issue. The only time he really focused some ire on Obama was over the Farrakhan issue.

Buzz up!on Yahoo!Russert raised the idea of Obama rejecting Farrakhan rather than simply denouncing him but then never pursued it when Obama deflected the question with a non-answer. Finally it was Hillary Clinton who got Obama to agree to reject Farrakhan rather than simply denounce him. Next time Mr. Russert should watch Saturday Night Live on his own NBC network to find out what NBC's own highly regarded show thinks about the continuing bias against Hillary.

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