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Blatant Obama Bias Runs Unchecked Against Hillary at Agence France-Presse

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Agence France-Presse (AFP) is the oldest news agency in the world, and one of the three largest with Associated Press and Reuters. It is also the largest French news agency.
Agence France-Presse in English

Ethical questions of journalistic integrity are being raised as some writers at Agence France-Presse cannot seem to conceal their obvious political bias for Barrack Obama.

For example, Jitendra Joshi in the article entitled "Deadlocked Democrats agonize over Florida-Michigan puzzle" seethes with open contempt for Hillary Clinton, while all but worshipping at the metaphorical feet of Barrack Obama.

Note how Joshi characterizes Obama's gain of a mere 7 delegates in sparsely-populated Wymoing this past week as a 'landslide'

"Democrats wrestled Sunday to unpick their White House dilemma, with Florida and Michigan clamoring for a say, after Barack Obama's victory over Hillary Clinton in the latest nominating clash."

"Following Obama's landslide in Wyoming Saturday, party grandees sparred over whether to bring the two states in from political purgatory after they were punished for advancing their primaries into January."
Deadlocked Democrats agonize over Florida-Michigan puzzle

Compares this biased rendering by Joshi to a more balanced account by Marie Horrigan in the Congressional Quarterly entitled "Obama Wins Wyoming Caucuses, 7 Delegates"

"Barack Obama won Wyoming's Democratic presidential caucuses Saturday amid record turnout, defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton after her strong performance in Tuesday's contests and continuing the neck-and-neck race for the nomination."

Obama Wins Wyoming Caucuses, 7 Delegates

Horrigan gives us a balanced view that doesn't let the Clinton campaign off the hook for their amount of 'spin', as compared with Obama's campaign 'spin' as we read:

"The Clinton campaign spun the results as a triumph over expectations. 'We are thrilled with this near split in delegates,' Campaign Manager Maggie Williams said in a written statement. She added: 'Although the Obama campaign predicted victory in Wyoming weeks ago, we worked hard to present Senator Clinton's vision to the caucus-goers and we thank them for turning out today.'"

"In a conference call with reporters, Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe said the results were a big win for them, especially given Clinton's 'very furious campaigning.'"

But notice how Joshi takes a talking point quote from the Obama camp and reports it as fact, calling the activity of Clinton 'furious' without any jounalistic qualification, more evidence of an ever more thinly-veiled bias at Agence France-Presse and other agencies agaisnt Clinton:

"But Clinton's campaign is furiously lobbying superdelegates with the argument that she has won the biggest states so far and, with Florida and Michigan included, is ahead in the popular vote by about 32,000 ballots."

Why did an otherwise qualified and experienced journalist like Jitendra Joshi drink so deeply of the Kool-Aid, and how ashamed is she going to be once this sham of political reporting in favour of Obama by a mainstream media cabal is retrospectively uncovered by journalism historians?

But more importantly, with the world's oldest news agency, Ou' sont? / Where are the editors at Agence France-Presse?

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