Friday, July 18, 2008

Silly-Billy/Hillary-philia vs Crazy-Cult Obama-mania?

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B - A - G - H - D - A - D !!!

That's how past-60 year old gin-pickled and crusty Republican Big Bad Baghdad Daddies like McCain & Cheney spell Viagra, right?

America's banks are collapsing in a matter of days, the world is coming to an end and still, all you can think about is sex? So what's new?

Well, between porn page flicks here's what's happening outside your darkened tweaky boudoir:

McSame is in Baghdad reportedly having oral sex with Dick Cheney, something every Repuglian Candidate has to do before he gets the post-erection/pre-election brain transplant and related campaign funds/endorsements.

Talk Left sorts it out for us here:
The State of Blogger Discourse on Obama and Hillary

And while the Dark Overlord Cheney and McSame 'Bush Light' are planning Armageddon, the Democrats are still displaying their warts and pimples via naked mud wrestling to the delight of the mainstream media.

"Not to worry", the pundits reassure us that soon the Democratic party will re-unite behind a candidate and all will be forgiven . . .

Oh really?

Discourse in the Prorgressive Political Blogosphere

I think the level of acrimony out there is despicable and John Aravosis and others who have fueled this division in the liberal sphere should be called to account.

[We must note that some Clinton-loyal readers have even written to say they 'won't forgive John until he takes off his shirt and flutters his sexy lashes and says he's sorry in low, sultry voice' but that's for another article on either 'Male Leftist Leader-Fetishes' and/or 'Sexy Greek Boy-Worship' . . .]

For God sakes, millions of people in Pennsylvania have yet to vote, and the day before yesterday John was calling for Hillary to 'concede'.

Aravosis in his Washington, D.C.-centric, arrogant hubris demands thus:

"It's time for Hillary to stop this nonsense and concede. She can't win. But she can sure as hell take the rest of us down with her. And she is."

Please see:
Clinton to Pelosi: "You sank my battleship"

So just who the Hell does John Aravosis think he is?

And it gets better -- John's puppet diarist Joe Sudbury must surely be on the Obama Campaign payroll by now, as he blames Clinton for starting a 'Civil War' and takes NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER for his mindless, trance-like, cultic and compulsive vomiting of daily venom against Clinton and her supporters. Says Sudbury:

"that sums up how a lot of Democrats are feeling these days. Bottom line is that by any marker, Hillary cannot win the nomination. But, she's pursuing a slash and burn campaign anyway."

Does Mr. Sudbury or does Mr. Aravosis or does Markos at DailyKOS really believe they speak for 'many Democrats'?

As an angry resident and life-long Democrat from Florida, I can tell you that none of these gentlemen speak for me or most of my friends, in their constant and compulsive bashing of Hillary Clinton.

From the sound of these recent rants by John, Joe and Markos it seems that they welcome the utter destruction of the Democratic Party, and they intend to blame Clinton for the damage that they are inflicting.

Talk about immature and political wankers! Sheesh! I need to go take a shower to get the slime off from just discussing this intramural waste of time and energy.

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