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Experts say 'Media Boost Obama, Bash “Billary”' -- NBC Is Toughest on Hillary

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A lot of loyal members of the Democratic Party are asking why the Mainstream Media are fiercely bashing Hillary and seemingly trying to throw the primaries in Obama's favour.

It's not just our imagination or group paranoia, either. CNN's Lou Dobbs (with whom we don't always agree) has become the voice of sanity in the wilderness of Obama-worshipping media in both the US and Britain . . .

Lou Dobbs has said:

"Hillary can't get enough delegates to win, and NEITHER can Barack!"

Lou Dobbs says:

"Those voices in favor of Senator Obama say Senator Clinton should end her campaign for quote “the good of the party.” And that a long campaign would quote “tear the party apart and ensure a Republican victory in November”, but when it comes to the largest audiences the three nightly broadcast newscasts, the bias is seemingly most pronounced. The nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs has found that since last December, 83 percent of the reporting on Senator Obama was positive. Only 53 percent of the reporting on Senator Clinton was positive."

Please read the NON-PARTISAN Center for Media and Public Affairs report here:

The report says that:

"Hillary Clinton is getting the worst press and Barack Obama the best press of any major presidential candidate, and Bill Clinton is also getting negative reviews, while the gap in good press between John McCain and Mitt Romney is narrowing, according to a new study of TV news election coverage by the Center for Media and Public Affairs."

"The study also finds that FOX’s evening news show had the most coverage of policy issues and the least coverage of the campaign horse race."

So thanks to Fleaflickr we now understand the strategy: Talk about the 'horse race' day and night, and avoid any discussion of the most important issue. What would that be, you ask?

'It's the economy, stupid.'

Or as the report continues:

"Where’s the Beef?"

"Only 1 in 5 stories (20%) contained a discussion of any policy issue. By contrast, a majority of stories (57%) discussed the strategy and tactics of the contenders and nearly half (47%) discussed their prospects for becoming the party’s nominee, i.e., the campaign horse race."

Dobbs on bias against Clinton

Did you get that?

Dobbs said:

"And she has the lead in super delegate votes, so why in the world is there this compulsion, this absolute insistence in the national media to talk about the fact she can’t win the nomination? Neither can Senator Obama."

"And I have never seen in my career greater favoritism being applied in the national media broadly speaking than in this campaign in behalf of Senator Obama and against Senator Clinton."

Isn't Dobbs the one who supposedly called Hillary Clinton a 'senile lesbian'? Why would HE be defending her against the bullies?

Just in case you missed Dobbs abusing Clinton previously:


But now listen to what he has to say . . .

Dobbs on Anti-Clinton Bias

But wait, there's more . . .

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