Friday, July 18, 2008

Hundreds Abandon Americablog As Obama Bias Becomes Hourly Bash-Hillary Frenzy

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Is Obama guilty of arrogant hubris that will be his downfall?According to the AP:"Obama's campaign still portrays outward confidence about winning today, and says it's nearly impossible for Clinton to catch him in the delegate count. "But Obama has not cemented a lead in polls in either of the biggest "Super Tuesday II" states, breaking his recent pattern of racing ahead of Clinton as a state's primary approached."Read more here:

Hillary gets last-minute hope

Well, another day of non-stop bashing of Hillary Clinton by John Aravosis on his blog, formerly called 'Americablog' but since renamed 'Obamablog'.Hundreds of disenchanted Internet visitors who used to be loyal to Americablog have jumped ship, and Aravosis has become increasingly incapable of masking his open disdain to Clinton and his embarrassing fixation on Barrack Obama.We recommend Talk Left as an immediate alternative to Obamablog, for those of you who are repulsed by the blatant cult-like Obama 'hero worship' every time you get near Aravosis's site.

Talk Left

It is no doubt making the Obama Moonies at Americablog/Obamablog raving mad to see Clinton bouncing back in the primaries today, 4 March 2008.But I have always told you to keep you eye on Ohio, because as they say, 'Ohio chooses presidents'.

Ohio: Crucial now and in fall campaign

'Never under-estimate a Clinton' is another slogan I like. But my favorite this week is this:'When you say madam, I say president'.Aloha from Avalon.

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