Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do CNN and MSNBC have a Pro-Obama Bias?

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By Democrat in Cambridge

The night of the New Hampshire primary, after MSNBC and CNN had all but predicted a double digit Obama victory, Chris Matthews of MSNBC a man who has demonstrated either a profound lack of judgment or is unable to contain his misogynist views made the suggestion that New Hampshire voters supported Hillary Clinton, humiliating Matthews and countless MSNBC and CNN pundits happened because New England voters are racist and that somehow Clinton campaign members poisoned the NH vote with race.

Literally, every possible second leading up to the South Carolina primary instantly became about race. Suddenly President Clinton was a racist (with no evidence or proof) and Hillary hated MLK. The race drumbeat was relentless in its demagoguery and deception.

CNN has Roland Martin, a man whose academic credentials include a 4 year degree in theology on its media network making statements that have as little common sense as factual accuracy. His pro-Obama bias against any white person who dares suggest Hillary is a better candidate is shocking. Then again, CNN has Glenn Beck, a Mormon with no credible academic credentials who has never met a lie or distortion he wouldn't repeat. In Glenn Beck's America, its not a problem (see healthcare) unless it happens to HIM.

The 2008 election is becoming a disturbing repeat of the 2000 election, where the media tells voters who they like, who they don't like and everything in the middle. This is the same media that fed us Bush's WMD lies and had 60% of the American public believing the Bush White House.

Try not to be fooled again America.

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