Sunday, July 20, 2008

Democratic Establishment Turns on Clinton

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As I've been monitoring the news commentaries, I've noticed how the democratic party and its news outlets (MSNBC, New York Times, Daily Kos, Huffington Post) have turned against Senator Clinton.In the past few days, the following storied have been published:

Keith Olberman absolutely exploded in his "special comments" against Senator Clinton last night (May 23, 2008). (see here)
Daily Kos (here)
New York Times (here)
MSNBC (Florida coverage)
MSNBC (Chris Matthews almost cries over thought of Senator Obama loosing; here)

Notice the following comments that the Clinton campaign/etc. has made about the biased news coverage:

Terry McAuliffe Says Chris Matthews is pro-Obama (here; this is an absolutely blistering on-air critique of Chris Matthews--wait until the end of the interview for the comments)

Joe Scarborough on MSNBC news bias (here)
About Keith Olberman (here)
Even CNN noted it (here)
Fox News slams MSNBC (here)
As early as May 2007, Fox attacks MSNBC (here)
Hillary, Bill, and Lanny Davis on Fox (here)
Terry Mcauliffe on MSNBC (here)
Terry Mcauliffe on Fox News congratulating the network (here)
Terry McAuliffe slams NYT (here)

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