Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ed Schultz Gets Called Out On His Pro-Obama Bias

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Personally, I don’t care if the guy is pro-Obama. That’s his prerogative. I just don’t happen to think he should lie about it

Several times over the past week, Ed Schultz, the biggest name in progressive talk radio, has had to battle callers who insist that he is in the bag for Obama

Not so, says Schultz, who describes the fights on his show as a sign of progress for liberal talk radio. “What we’re going through right now is something liberals and progressives and lefties didn’t have in 2004,” he said

What about his much-discussed recent appearance on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” in which he asserted that former president Bill Clinton was “lying about Barack Obama’s record”? “If I think they’re lying, I am going to call ‘em on it,” said Schultz, who describes his role as a “facilitator of a vetting process.”

You gotta love the little plugs the Washington Post gives Eddie. “Biggest name in progressive talk radio.” That’s sort of like being the headliner at the local county fair

Big fish, small pond

Anyway, it’s pretty clear to me that Schultz is an Obama flak. First was his appearance on MSNBC calling the Clintons a bunch of lying liars:

Then it was Eddie packing his show with people who have endorsed Obama

But hey, that’s what Eddie does. He may be deny it, but he’s been little more than a mouthpiece for a certain faction of the Democrat party since day #1

By the way, this bit from the article is telling:

Schultz has pledged to support whoever ends up as the Democratic nominee.

For all the flak Rush Limbaugh is getting because he may not support the eventual Republican nominee, at least he has enough principle to not be a partisan hack. Which is probably why Limbaugh is a talk radio legend while Ed Schultz is a relative nobody

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