Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Media Attempts to Throw Nomination

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My 77 yr old mom called me FIRST thing this morning to tell me she had seen a story in the Charlotte Observer that Clinton was dropping out of the race. Mom was VERY upset at that. I assured her it was not true, that Cinton will fight for us because we are fighting for HER, and Clinton had made it clear she was not dropping out. Indeed, her campaign came out today and said she will NOT be conceding the race to Obama.

Now, WHY would the AP and other news sources come out with this story? To suppress the voter turnout in South Dakota and Montana. And why would they do that? To impede Clinton's popular vote argument. Frankly, I am sick, sick, SICK and tired of the MEDIA trying to throw this nomination! When did we stop living in the USA???

And, I am ALSO sick and tired of these Obama supporters constantly yammering that Clinton has damaged the Democratic Party by staying in this race. CLINTON is not the one who has divided the Party - Obama and the Party have! When Obama praised Reagan - no friend to the AA community; when Obama said he wanted to return to the Foreign Policy of Bush I - i.e., Donald Rumsfeld; when Obama and the DNC engaged in rampant sexism, classism, race-baiting, and elitism; when Obama's supporters strong-armed and bullied Clinton supporters in Caucus states (see previous posts); and when the DNC engaged in VOTE stealing, THEY divided the Democratic Party. Clinton has done everything she can to hold this party together, to her own detriment, I think. Frankly, Obama does not seem like much of a Demcorat to me, certainly not with his statements and actions!! (I stil do not get all of the liberal people I know, including some family members, who do not bother to look at the crap that he spews out of his mouth! If I had asked them if they supported Donald Rumsfeld policies, they would have been INDIGNANT at such a suggestion!! But NOW, they are backing a candidate who wants just that! It is MIND-boggling!! And illogical as all hell, I might add.)

While I am at it,if Obama does end up getting the nomination in AUGUST (remember, people - this is not over by a LONG shot), he could have freakin' Wonder Woman as his VP choice, and I will STILL never vote for this man. Ever. I don't give a damn who he picks - it will not even BEGIN to counteract all of the crapola he has spewed, or the soul-less actions of the DNC this year, concluding with the vote stealing this past weekend.

Like I said, I don't know what country I am in now, but it sure as HELL isn't a democratic one. That seems clear...

I truly hope that Clinton creams Obama AGAIN in South Dakota, and that she wins Montana, too. If the Native American tribes who have endorsed her come out in strong numbers, that will certainly help.

It ain't over until it's over, and THIS race ain't over until AUGUST. So, contact your superdelegates, and make the case for Clinton. Here's a link to make it easy: Lobby Delegates

AND, Jon Ausman, a FL Superdelegate, said he is making up his mind NOW whom to support, and will announce his decision this afternoon. His email address is: ausman@embraqmail.com. Below is what I wrote him:

Dear Mr. Ausman:

I understand that you are planning on endorsing one of the candidates today. I wish to put in my plea for you to back Senator Clinton.

In my mind, Clinton is the ONLY choice for the Democratic Party to take back the White House. She has the intellect, the policies,the positions, and the integrity, to move this country forward in a POSITIVE direction. Her dedication to women, children, the military (she has been endorsed by 34 flag officers), Native Americans, LGBT citizens, as well as her desire for health care for all, the restoration of our economy, and the overall well-being of our citizens, has been demonstrated time and time again.

Despite all that the media has thrown at her, including virulently misogynistic attacks, despite being outspent by her competition (up to four times as much), despite the constant calls for her to leave the race, Clinton has won the popular vote, and CONTINUES to dominate in the elections. Her recent showings in Puerto Rico, KY, and WV are TELLING. People want HER - and we want her because we KNOW she will do what she SAYS she will.

Please, Mr. Ausman, please consider giving her your vote. Senator Clinton CAN, and WILL, beat Senator McCain. The same cannot be said of her competition.

And frankly, after the deplorable manner in which the RBC acted this past weekend to TAKE VOTES FROM HER TO GIVE TO OBAMA, it is but a small start to restoring the integrity of the DNC. I ask that you take that step, and put your support behind the candidate who will take back the White House, and work her HEART out for the American people!! Maybe, just maybe, that step will help to heal the anger at the voter disenfranchisement. That is my hope, and my prayer.

Thank you for your time, and your consideration.

The Rev. Amy

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