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And Venting. I still cannot believe that the FAR less qualified candidate is the one that was shoved down our throats by the media, and the DNC elite (or former elite, in terms of people like Daschle, who could NOT swing SD into Obama's win column! No one in the media has mentioned this, but Obama had himself WINNING SD by 15%. That's a swing of over 25%, for those of you keeping score. What does THAT tell you?!?!). I cannot believe the way they have gamed the entire primary for him, how they dealt with FL and MI, how they did NOT deal with the NUMEROUS reports of wrong-doing by Obama's people in the caucus states, and how they piled onto BOTH Bill and Hillary. The race-baiting by Obama, the MSM, and the DNC, was horrendous, and unforgivable.

The sexism, though, for me, is what allowed me to quit the Party. I admit - I must have been naive to think things were better for women than they clearly are. What I saw was not just latant sexism, but raw MISOGYNY exposed from the media, especially, as well as the DNC, and Obama's supporters (who have gone WAY beyond the pale in their misogynistic rants on Clinton). It was, and is, staggering. They treated this incredibly accomplished woman as if she was some pesky little fly the menfolk just couldn't get rid of, who just kept hanging around. As if she was an uninvited guest to their primary games. The attempts to push her out since FEBRUARY were just ABSURD, never mind that she ended up the Popular Vote winner, winning MORE votes than ANY primary candidate EVER. EVER. And, if the RBC had not acted completely immorally and unethically by stealing her votes, and giving votes to Obama he did not earn, she would be in the race, still. But that was the point, see - to make sure she COULD NOT WIN. Obama, on the other hand, has limped across the finish line set up by his handlers. Clinton has won far more of the primary contests over the past four months, not that the DNC or the MSM seem to care about THOSE pesky facts, and would be far closer to the necessary delegates needed had the RBC not stolen her votes AND her delegates...

Just as an example, and a tip of the hat to Big Tent Democrat at TalkLeft for pointing this out, when Reagan was running against Ford, a sitting president, the nomination went to the Convention EVEN THOUGH Ford had both the popular vote lead, and enough delegates. You read that right - the fight went to the Convention EVEN THOUGH Ford was ahead in both categories. And, as we all know, Kennedy took HIS fight to the Convention floor even though HE was down over 700 delegates. So, even though NEITHER Clinton nor Obama could reach the goal line without the aid of the Superdelegates, Clinton was SHOVED out of the door, insulting her 18 million supporters along with her.

Frankly, we have all been treated like shit by the DNC, the MSM, and the Obamatrons, who, I might add, are the most ungracious winners I have ever seen. It is EXACTLY like dealing with Bush Republicans. They continue to attack, attack, attack Clinton supporters, not realizing, I guess, that they cannot win without us. And without accepting that many of us will NEVER vote for this incredibly arrogant, flawed, inexperienced, sexist, homophobe they are propping up. Never. So, once again, the Democrats seem to have managed to grab certain defeat out of the mouth of a certain win. Many of us have left the Party as a result of Clinton's treatment (including my almost 78 yr old mother, a Democrat snce the Sixties, who told me today that she is changing her registration to Independent because of the way the Party has acted. She said she has NEVER seen anything like this before... By the way, there is a movement afoot to have people change their registration on June 10, as it is the anniversary of Michigan giving women the right to vote in 1919.). Most certainly, the validity of Obama's coronation is tarnished as a result of the sexism that helped him mightily from the get-go, but CERTAINLY with the delegate/vote-stealing. There is no doubt about that.

And see, this isn't about sour grapes that our candidate didn't win. I didn't support Kerry at ALL, but voted for him in 2004. No, this is about how the DNC has treated its core base, women, and working class voters. But, hey - Donna Brazille says the New DNC doesn't even NEED those working class voters anymore, so I reckon THEY are free to leave, too. Especially though, as a woman, I have reached my point. I will not support this incredibly sexist, inexperienced man over the FAR more qualified woman, and I sure as HELL won't support an organization that engages in such systematic sexism, even misogyny. So, just to be clear - this isn't about the candidate per se, but about the treatment of women, the group that has historically held the Democratic Party together.

Many people say, hey, there's always 2012, but I cannot IMAGINE what they think will change in this country in four short years. Hell, we cannot even get the Equal Rigths Amendment passed NOW, and much less with the sexists we have in there, even in four years. I mean, really - are all of the blatant misgoynists at MSNBO and CNN all of a sudden going to have an epiphany?? Are all of the sexist members of the DNC (including Congressional members) going to have an epiphany and change their ways? No. They will find some other man to run, denigrate Clinton again (should she decide to run again, and frankly - she IS the most qualified woman on the Democratic side), and sexism will be on display for all to see. With no remorse, mind you, which is another piece of this horrible puzzle. (Go back and read the article about sexism in this race written by a British journallist - truer words and all that...) They don't GIVE A SHIT that their sexism is on display. Goddess forbid ANYONE be considered a racist, but a Sexist? Or even a Misogynist? Well, hell yeah - that's just about WOMEN, after all, so who give's a shit?!?! Not the DNC, that's for sure. And that's why I don't give a shit about them anymore, either.

I am saddened by the treatment of Hillary Clinton, a woman for whom my admiration has grown exponentially during this process. I am surer now than I was when I first started to support her that SHE is the most qualified Democrat running for president, and that her far lesser accomplished candidate, someone with whom McCain has already had negative engagements dating back to Feb. 2006, is "promoted" over her by the DNC (and ONLY the DNC - the people made THEIR choice CLEAR), well, it says a lot about the DNC, and none of it good.

So, I am in mourning that the one big chance to have a Democratic woman elected president has been squashed completely. The reality is, the first woman president of THIS country will likely be a Republican. Seriously. It is ironic that the Republicans actually seem to have more respect for their women senators than the Democrats do, but it does seem true. What an indictment that is on The People's Party. What an indictment this whole primary season has been.

And I am in mourning because I genuinely believed in Senator Clinton. Because she DOES see us. And because she IS committed to us. That is the kind of person I wanted in a president. Sadly, I think I will have a long, long wait...

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*****I will be on vacation, thankfully, from 6/8 - 15. I may post some if I have time, or if something big happens. Other than that, though, I will be taking a much needed break from politics.*****

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