Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama is a Clown

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So Obama comes out in support of yesterday's Supreme Court decision overturning a gun ban in the city of Washington. He had previously supported the ban.

He said, "Today's decision reinforces that if we act responsibly, we can both protect the constitutional right to bear arms and keep our communities and our children safe."

Yesterday he took issue with the Supreme Court decision striking down the death penalty for cases of child rape that do not involve murder.

He said, "I think that the rape of a small child, six or eight years old, is a heinous crime and if a state makes a decision that under narrow, limited, well-defined circumstances the death penalty is at least potentially applicable, that that does not violate our constitution."

Earlier in the week, Obama flip-flopped on his opposition to the bill to legalize the Bush administration's wiretapping program.

Last week, Obama flip-flopped on his promise to abide by the rules of the public campaign finance system.

Does this guy have any principle for which he is willing to stand?

Everyday that passes it's becoming clearer that I am going to be unable to vote for this clown.

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