Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama the Pragmatist?

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Logan Nakyanzi Pollard over at Huffington Post thinks that Obama is a pragmatist. She wants to win, so whatever he does, that's fine by her. What is Pollard prepared to tolerate? More than this, she wants to attack Ralph Nader for telling it like it is.

Race neutrality is a manifestation of white supremacy. Race-neutral language means to dissmulate the racist character of the country. Colorblind liberalism is a form of racism. Saying that racism is not fundamental to American civilization is racist speech. Obama is the white establishment's black candidate. That's what Nader was saying. And he hit the nail on the head.

This has nothing to do with pragmatism. A black man standing with the white establishment to advance the racist project is not an acceptable act of pragmatism for those concerned with advancing civil rights. This has to do with whether you stand with racists or against them. Obama is standing with them. If he were to lose because he stood against racism, then this would be because of racism. When he loses in November, it will less about his blackness than about his inauthenticity.

It does appear that the liberal left (let's not leave the word "left" unqualified, please) doesn't want to win this year. I think white liberals seek a symbolic accomplishment over any real accomplishment. I think they want to pat themselves on the back.

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