Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Still Counting Her Out...

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That would be Obama, the MSM, the DNC, and most pundits. To hear them tell it, there is absolutely NO WAY Clinton can win. Obama is going back to Iowa to celebrate his presumed upcoming nomination. Yeah. Okay. Never mind that Clinton is moving up on him in Oregon. Never mind that she is going to blow him out of the WATER in KY. He is going back to the scene of the crime - a state in which a scant number of voters by comparison started him on this path with their caucuses (enabled by the DNC throwing FL and MI in the trash). Where he started to claim that he was the one for whom we had all been waiting. He is going to claim, BEFORE the CONVENTION, that HE is the nominee.

Um, no. He is NOT the one for whom we have been waiting, Clinton is. SHE is the one who can bring us back from the horrendous last 7 years. SHE is the one who will turn the economy around. SHE Is the one who will get EVERYONE health care. And SHE is the one who will get us out of Iraq. Not Obama. And no matter how many times his minions try to force him down our throats; no matter how much the DNC tries to game the system for him; no matter what the media says; and no matter how much misogyny and sexism is thrown around by the media, the pundits, and the DNC: we have been watching and listening. And we know. We know she is the BEST candidate out there. And we are NOT giving up on her! It's the map, baby, not the math (she IS leading in the popular vote when Florida and Michigan are included - where have we heard THAT before?!?). She is the one who can win this thing, not Obama. Clinton is the one for whom we have been waiting.

And one more thing. Not only does Obama think there are 57 states in the Union; not only does he think Afghanis speak Arabic (wow - those years in Indonesia when he was a child seem NOT to have prepared him for Foreign Policy and Diplomacy!); but now he thinks that Kentucky is close to Arkansas! Let me say that again - he thinks KENTUCKY is closer to ARKANSAS than it is to ILLINOIS!!!! He claims THAT is why Clinton is creaming him there. Here's a little news-flash, Senator Obama: KENTUCKY BORDERS YOUR STATE OF ILLINOIS!!!! Take a look at a MAP, for cryin' out loud!!!

Are you KIDDING me with this guy?? It reminds me of an old SNL skit in which Dukakis and George H.W. Bush were debating. Bush (played by Dana Carvey) responded, to every question, "A thousand points of light, stay the course, a thousand points of light," or some variation on that theme. At one point, Dukakis said, incredulously, "I can't believe I'm LOSING to this guy!" I imagine Clinton feels exactly the same way - she cannot believe the DNC and the MSM are pushing THIS guy down our throats! I mean, REALLY!!! He doesn't know US history, he doesn't know US GEOGRPAHY, he has created a false meme about HIS upbringing and his WIFE'S, and he is woefully inadequate on foreign affairs. Wow. I have said it before, and I'll say it again - he is just another George Bush, and he is being foisted upon us at the expense of Florida just like Bush was. You can't make this shit up...

And once again, this is why it is SO important that Clinton carry on until the Convention. Anything can happen at the Convention, and as Obama continues to be exposed for the poser he is, she NEEDS to be there to become the nominee of the DNP, whether Dean and Brazile like it or not. The PEOPLE want the most qualified candidate, and it sure ain't Obama.

Rise, Hillary, RISE!

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