Monday, July 21, 2008

Will Obama’s Campaign Tell Pelosi To Shut Up?

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By Larry Johnson

With the approval rating of the Congress under Nancy Pelosi falling–now at 14 percent in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll last month–will Pelosi’s negative image drag down Obama? Instead of displaying the slightest glimmer of self-awareness of her own liability, Pelosi is doing her best to alienate Hillary’s supporters.

Of all the issues that could be addressed, why does Pelosi vehemently attack Hillary’s followers?

We recall that Obama became the presumptive nominee only with Pelosi’s backing and that of her group of super delegates.

Obama, after all, lost the popular vote, the Latino vote, the women’s vote, the working class vote, the Catholic vote, the Jewish vote, and all the big states except his own.

Pelosi put Obama across. Does she think she will control him? Does she want to be the Big Skirt in town? Whatever her weird motives, they are now undermining Obama. His big problem is that many of Hillary’s supporters remain skeptical about him and don’t see him as an adequate nominee.

Now he’s got a new problem: Nancy Pelosi’s running mouth, a babbling brook of hostility. If Obama wants Hillary’s supporters he needs to put a cork in Pelosi.

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