Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Challenge

Dang! I know I have to vote for one of the two presumptive nominees. But, never has my choice been so difficult. Both candidates give me great pause for concern, and I feel like the DNC has abandoned the party I signed up for years ago.

So, while I was moaning and groaning about having no one I wanted to vote for–unless, of course, the Super Delegates see the light and put Hillary in the race–a very, very wise friend asked me this question:

Forget all about Obama and McCain for a minute. Pretend neither exists. Instead ask yourself what are the 6 most important personal characteristics you would want in a President. Then see what sifts itself out.

Coming up with 6 characteristics was unexpectedly easy. It was refreshing, actually, to focus on a set of ideals instead of identified individuals. But, applying the exercise back to the candidates proved to be more painful than I could have ever imagined.

What would your characteristic choices be? What do you find out about yourself and your choice?

And, where is Hillary Clinton when we need her so badly?

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